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Angie started on her musical journey during her childhood in Denver, Colorado. At the age of 8, she was visiting a friend's home with her parents...who were stunned to discover that the music coming from the friend's piano was being played by none other than Angie, who had never had access to a piano before. They purchased an old church organ, and Angie was quickly composing originals to be played for every poor soul who happened to stop by the house.

Angie began to tape these originals, in addition to singing along with her favorite artists (Olivia Newton-John, Fleetwood Mac, Donna Summers). Cassettes and even 8-track recordings of these masterpieces are still floating around somewhere, as her father is convinced they will be needed for the Angie Arnold Museum someday. The birth of MTV launched further dreams of a career in music, and Angie spent many long hours in front of the bathroom mirror, recreating the latest Stevie Nicks video with her hair dryer for a wind machine.

Angie immersed herself in music and theater during high school, and studied music at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She quickly found that while she loved learning about theory and music history, her unique voice and style of playing did not exactly endear her to the cookie cutter sensibilities of the music faculty. On a whim, she answered an ad in a local paper for a band needing a keyboard player and backup singer, and ended up discovering a whole new world -- that of the cover band. With the support of her friend Lari, who had originally run the ad in the paper, Angie started singing leads and became more and more in demand for both live and studio performances. A stint as a DJ at a Top 40 station in Boulder, Colorado added even more fuel to the fire of her dreams of a career in music.

All this time, Angie never stopped writing her original songs. With little knowledge of the process and even less of a budget, she began recording them at a place that captured her heart -- Platinum Recording Studios. Working a full-time job and two part-time jobs, in addition to playing live gigs, she managed to earn enough to stay in the studio for two years and recorded an entire album. During this magical time, she learned about the arts of producing and engineering, and got to know many incredible musicians who lent their support and wisdom to the process. Seven of these amazing people came together in a band called Impulse, and lent their talents to both the production of and touring support for "Love Is For the Strong".

When the album was finished, Platinum Recording Studios came up for sale. Crazy though it was, Angie knew with everything in her being that she was supposed to buy it...and through the most unusual circumstances imaginable it became a reality. She locked herself in the studio for a week, and through much cursing and many tears, managed to figure out how to run everything without blowing it up. Her album was released on her own label within a month of purchasing the studio, and her dream of making a career in music seemed to be coming true...her time was divided between promoting a regionally successful album and engineering/producing/performing on clients' projects.

At this crucial fork in the road, Angie met a man, fell in love, and made the fateful decision to leave Denver. She sold the studio, got married, and moved back to her birthplace of Kentucky. The idea was to rebuild the studio in the Cincinnati area, and continue the dream...but the Universe had different plans in store. Four years of...shall we say...serious opportunity for personal growth followed. One musical venture did occur, and while the band itself never took on a life of its own, one of the most important connections of Angie's life was made - that of meeting drummer and producer Randy Brock.

When the marriage ended, Angie was surprised to discover that her heart belonged in Kentucky and not in Denver. The music of artists such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, Peter Gabriel, and Sting provided inspiration and solace during this time of transition. Putting down new roots, Angie began to write again in her hard won solitude and peace.

It was during this period that she saw the band Rogues Cross in concert for the first time. She was mesmerized by the power and beauty of their Celtic-influenced rock sound, and fell instantly in love. A little over a year later, after becoming one of their most devoted groupies, she was asked the question she'd been longing to hear -- "Would you like to play in a band?" -- and jumped right in to her new role as the Ivory Rogue. Coincidentally, the Rogues also needed a drummer...and so Angie and Randy's musical collaboration continued. (Note: Rogues Cross disbanded in Spring of 2003, but the fires stoked by that experience still burn brightly.)

Angie continued to write and record in a small digital studio set up in her second bedroom. The recent years had brought much beauty, truth, pain, fear, scars, hope, and love into her world, and all of these things needed an outlet. In the quiet small hours of the night, Angie would sit by the light of the computer monitor and a few candles...hit "record" on the system...and simply open up her soul and capture it on disc. She didn't edit what came out of mouth and her fingers, she didn't try to write for anyone but herself - she gave herself up to the purity and honesty of what was in the core of her being. She grew to love the songs that were in truth pieces of herself, and knew that her second album was written...and needed to be released. She also knew that to make this a reality, she needed someone who understood her perspective and passion, who possessed both the artistry and craftmanship to breathe life into the recordings, and who had the dedication and patience to pursue the project to its conclusion. Again, enter Randy Brock in the triple role of drummer/percussionist/guitarist, producer, and mix engineer. His elegant, deceptively simple drum lines and incredible attention to nuance are showcased on every track of the new album.

"Letting Go" is the outcome of choosing love over fear.

the Earth has music for those who listen...